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  • noid — ac·ti·noid; ad·e·noid·ec·to·my; ad·e·noid·itis; ag·glu·ti·noid; ai·noid; al·cy·o·noid; am·mo·noid; an·co·noid; an·gi·noid; arach·noid·ism; arach·noid·i·tis; ar·me·noid; ba·lae·noid; bel·o·noid; ben·ze·noid; bi·tu·mi·noid; blen·noid; car·ci·noid;… …   English syllables

  • Noid — This article is about the advertising character. For the minimal surfaces, see noid (mathematics). The Noid (voiced by Pons Maar) is an advertising character for Domino s Pizza created in the 1980s. He was a villainous red suited character with… …   Wikipedia

  • noid — n a paranoid person. The clipped form, typical of adolescent slang since the late 1980s, was popular among stu dents in Britain in the late 1990s. Don t be such a noid, no one s getting at you …   Contemporary slang

  • noid — n. a paranoid person. □ Some of those noids write hilarious letters to the editor. □ Who’s the noid screaming about Big Brother? …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • Yo! Noid — Infobox VG title = Yo! Noid developer = [ Now Production] publisher = Capcom designer = engine = modified Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru engine released = NA November 1990 genre = Platformer modes = Single player ratings =… …   Wikipedia

  • Avoid the Noid — Infobox VG title = Avoid the Noid developer = BlueSky Software (C64) California Merchandising Concepts (DOS) publisher = ShareData designer = engine = released = 1989 genre = platform game modes = single player ratings = platforms = Commodore 64 …   Wikipedia

  • Yo! Noid — Éditeur Capcom Développeur Now Production Date de sortie Novembre 1990 Genre …   Wikipédia en Français

  • ac|ti|noid — «AK tuh noyd», adjective. having the form of rays; radiated. A starfish is actinoid. ╂[< Greek akt , în ray + English oid] …   Useful english dictionary

  • ad|e|noid|ec|to|my — «AD uh noy DEHK tuh mee», noun, plural mies. the removal of the adenoids by surgery …   Useful english dictionary

  • ad|e|noid — «AD uh noyd», adjective. 1. of or having to do with the lymphatic glands or lymphoid tissue. 2. like a gland; glandular. ╂[< Greek adenoeid < ad , énos acorn, gland + eîdos form] …   Useful english dictionary

  • al|bu|mi|noid — «al BYOO muh noyd», noun, adjective. –n. a substance like albumin; a protein. Albuminoids are obtained chiefly from animal connective tissues and bones, and are characterized by insolubility. –adj. like albumin …   Useful english dictionary

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